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It’s time for new eyeglasses. Maybe your old pair broke. Maybe your prescription has changed. Or maybe you’re looking to buy a few new pairs of prescription glasses in USA, so you have enough that you never again have to experience that “Where did my glasses go?” feeling. Or maybe now that you’ve seen all the stylish eyeglasses that are out there, you want to update your style and get those trendy prescription frames that actually complement your face. Whatever is motivating you to buy new prescription glasses, you’ve come to the best place to purchase eyeglasses online –’s extensive selection of prescription glasses frames and lenses for men, women, and kids means that you'll find the prescription sunglasses or glasses that will provide crystal clear vision – at an unbelievable price. At, we founded our company on the principle that eyeglasses shouldn't retail for a hundred times more than they cost to make. Our 39 dollar glasses frames selection can fit your budget and give you any look you want: trendy, conservative, edgy, geeky, sporty – whatever best complements your look and your lifestyle.

Online retailers have completely revolutionized the way consumers purchase the products they need. Eyeglasses are no exception! When searching for prescription eyeglasses online, you'll notice that our selection covers a wide range of styles – often at prices that are less than what you'd pay for a glasses case at the "mall" eyeglasses store. New prescription eyeglass frames shouldn't be a financial burden, so shop today! You'll be able to purchase several pairs of glasses at for less money than a single pair costs at a traditional retail store.

The choice is clear – find the affordable eyeglasses you need, at a price that makes sense, at!

Online Eyeglasses

If you've ever ordered a product from an e-commerce website, you know that the web beats a brick and mortar retail store hands-down for convenience -- and often for price, too. Ordering eyeglasses online from offers these advantages and more. Not only is shopping for your online eyeglasses convenient because you can browse through our extensive selection of prescription eyeglasses online from the comfort of your home, but you also receive the same high-quality prescription eyeglasses online as fancy optical and doctor eyewear establishments for up to 80% less.

Online prescription eyeglasses ordered from provides you with the same options and choices that you would receive at a regular optical store. Prescription eyeglasses online are available in rimless, half-rim, bendable flex-titanium, plastic or full-frame metal. You can also order online prescription glasses with the very popular photochromic and Transitions® lenses.

Cheap Eyeglasses

Many of our customers at tell their friends, family and coworkers that they were able to purchase cheap prescription eyeglasses from us. While on the surface that statement is true, what they really mean is that they can purchase high-quality prescription eyeglasses at a discounted price. Our selection of "cheap eyeglasses" is made from the same excellent quality that you would find at the finest eyewear retail stores, including the top designer brands you love.

At, we are able to provide an extensive selection of superior quality cheap prescription glasses because we have low overhead costs. When compared to a brick and mortar retail eyewear establishment, our e-commerce website has low operating costs. We don't have to pay for expensive retail space or numerous behind-the-counter employees. All of our cheap eye glasses are custom made here in our United States facilities, which means both super fast delivery time and zero overseas transit costs. As a result, we can pass along substantial savings to our customers when they purchase cheap prescription glasses.

And purchasing discounted or cheap prescription eyeglasses from doesn't mean you won't be able to buy top brands. We carry the same well-known brands, such as Transitions®. What's more, you can purchase cheap prescription eyeglasses with bifocals or progressive no-line bifocals for the same great price and high quality. Whether you want bendable flex-titanium, half-rim, totally rimless or full-frame metal, we have an extensive selection of frame shapes, brands and colors for you to choose from.

Discount Eyeglasses

Customers of look to us to purchase high-quality discount prescription eyeglasses at a fraction of a cost of expensive prescription eyeglasses sold at the finest eyewear retailers across the country. Prescription eyeglasses purchased at your local optical store can run in the hundreds of dollars -- and that often excludes the cost of the exam and pricey extras, such as bifocals or Transitions® lenses.

But, that's where discount prescription glasses from can help. Our discount prescription eye glasses offer you a way to save a lot of money -- upwards of 80 percent -- without sacrificing quality. Because we are entirely doctor owned, our creators, who have had private practices and retail offices, realized that they could offer significant savings to consumers who want high-quality, finished prescription eyeglasses.

How can we offer such discount eyeglasses savings? First, our overhead costs are lower than expensive eyewear establishments that have retail space, pricey eyeglasses displays and numerous administrative employees. Second, BuyEyeglasses.netenjoys a tremendous volume while our discount eye glasses are custom made right here in our latest world class facility.

Women's Eyeglasses

Although the main purpose of women's eyeglasses is to correct vision, we at know that ladies also want their women's eye glasses to express their personality, style, and fashion sense. With the large number of high-quality, ladies glasses, women's prescription eyeglasses can be transformed into a fashion accessory -- much like earrings and necklaces.

Women's prescription glasses styles can be trendy & sophisticated with every color combination for both frame and lens colors. Whether you want retro or modern -- or bold or conservative, we have the trendy style or classic look that you're looking for. In fact, you can customize your perfect pair!

While many women don't hesitate to buy more than one handbag or pair of shoes, today's women also buy multiple eyeglasses for different occasions -- for work, school, or leisure. Most of our women customers find that they can order two pairs of women's prescription glasses at far less cost than they would pay for one ladies glasses at a retail store.

Men's Eyeglasses

Shopping for men's eyeglasses at couldn't be easier. While we have an extensive selection of men's prescription eyeglasses, including styles for office or for more active lifestyles, our state-of-the-art e-commerce website makes it simple to select the perfect pair of men's glasses with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Although you'll see a savings of 80% or more over your local retail optical store, you won't see a difference in quality. All of our men's prescription glasses are custom made with the same high-quality material that you would find in the finest doctors and optical offices.

The first step in choosing the perfect pair of men's eye glasses is to select the frame. If you're looking for the minimalist look, consider our half-rim or totally rimless styles, which are less fragile than they look. Our plastic or bendable flex-titanium frames are perfect for the active man. In fact, our sturdy, yet lightweight, bendable and flex-titanium frames can be bent into a pretzel-like shape, only to spring back to their original shape in seconds. Then again, the full-metal frame men's glasses offer a classic, timeless look that seems to never go out of style. All of our full-metal frames come with fully adjustable nose pads and triple-lacquer coating.

Glasses for Teenagers

At we know that no two teenagers are alike. That’s why we offer a wide selection of glasses for teenagers that will fit any style. Whether your teen is a fashionista or a sports fanatic, you can rest assured that we have a look that’s perfect for them. has hundreds of styles that will fit any budget. Starting at just $5.95 a pair, your teenager can find the hottest looks. On-trend styles like wayfarer, cat eye, and aviator designs are always available on our website. Teens can choose from numerous designs, materials, and colors to find an expressive look that they’ll feel confident in. We also offer single vision, progressives, bifocals, and transitions glasses for teenagers. Proper vision correction is essential for teenagers. Visually impaired teens that don’t wear prescription eyewear will have difficulty learning and socializing. In addition, teens that wear uncomfortable or incorrect glasses can risk blurred vision, headaches, and a number of other issues. To avoid this, be sure that your teen gets regular eye exams and ensure that they are wearing glasses that fit them comfortably. The teenage years can be a stressful time for teens and parents alike. Shopping for eyewear shouldn’t add to that stress. You can trust that our helpful customer service team and great return policy will make the process of buying glasses online as simply and stress-free as possible.

Glasses for Toddlers

If your little one is in need of glasses, look no further than Our selection of glasses for toddlers includes quality metal and plastic frames made with some of the safest materials available. During this critical stage of life, it’s important to ensure that your child can see clearly. Every day is a learning experience for a toddler, so proper vision becomes very valuable. When it comes to glasses for toddlers, is the best choice. We make our toddler glasses from durable metal and plastic materials. Our children’s lenses are strictly made from polycarbonate only. Polycarbonate is the safest choice because it is the lightest, most impact resistant material available. This plastic, which is also used to make bulletproof glass, is also completely shatter resistant. Every pair of glasses comes complete with UV and scratch resistant coating. Your child eyes will stay safe against the sun’s harmful rays thanks to the UV coating. Your toddler’s glasses will also be protected against scuffs and scratches. Our glasses for toddlers come in an array of styles and colors. They are lightweight and comfortable, so even the fussiest of toddlers will adjust quickly to their new eyewear. We even have a worry-free guarantee so if you’re unhappy for whatever reason you can return your toddler glasses easily. Finally, our toddler glasses are a great deal because they start at just $5.95 per pair!

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