Tips on buying men’s glasses online

Tips on buying men’s glasses online

The right mens glasses online offer you your best chance of improving your personal or professional image. In the past, men relied on a new hairstyle or they added new attire to their wardrobes to improve their images. Most men did not even think it necessary to wear glasses to look their best. In fact, they considered these items of eyewear to be very nerdy. However, things have changed and now eyewear items are considered geeky and chic.

Frame material
There are a few important factors that you need to consider before identifying the right frame. Frame material is one such factor that you should choose carefully. Fortunately, there are many frame materials to choose from. You can pick from frame materials wood texture, plastic, titanium, and metal. After picking a frame material, you should then check to see how the frame fits on your face.

Virtual try-on
In case you thought it was not possible to try frames at an online store, you are in for a pleasant surprise because most online stores have a Virtual Try-on feature. This feature allows you to try on multiple frames. You can use the Virtual-try-on feature to see the suitability of each frame. To use this feature, you must first upload a photograph of yourself after which you can start virtually trying on different frames.

Customize your glasses
The nice thing about buying mens glasses online is you can ask the online store to customize your glasses. When you customize your eyewear, you can make sure that your glasses will allow you to see perfectly at near, far and intermediate distances. You can also have the lens power adjusted to help you with computer usage and for reading.

Know what purpose you wish to use your glasses
When choosing your frames, makes sure that you factor in a few things like what are you going to use your glasses for. If you want to wear the eyewear to the office, then you should pick frames that are more conservative while if you are going to wear the eyewear in the outdoors, then you should pick something trendier.

Frame shape
Next, you need to choose the frame shape according to how well it goes with your facial structure. Depending on your facial shape which could be oval or square or even part oval and part square, you will then need to pick a frame shape that contrasts with your facial shape. When choosing the frame, do not shy away from trying on several pairs. You want to make sure you end up with the best frame.
If you already own a pair of mens glasses, then you can use the lens power to specify to the online store what power suits your vision the best. Otherwise, you will need to get your prescription which you can obtain for free from any eye doctor. Be sure to enter your prescription and PD measurement at the online store and make sure that the prescription and PD measurement entered is absolutely correct.
Last but not least, you need to choose the right lens material. Polycarbonate lenses are a good option. Also, be sure to ask for protective coating though this will add to the cost of your mens glasses online.